Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Papers! Clothes!

This is the current state of our table:

We are working daily on the paperwork requirements. I naively bought a 1/2 inch binder to put everything in, thinking it would all fit... silly. I've upgraded, but who knows if I will need a bigger one still.
Right now, we are waiting for our case worker to call so we can set up our first home study appointment.
We need to fill out the USCIS application and get that sent in ASAP.
We need to get a packet of papers notarized and sent to the country where Beatrice lives so that we can start the approval process over there.
Tomorrow morning we get our fingerprints done! One more thing checked off the list.

Today was an awesome day. I was at a home birth for this couple 2 years ago and they were cleaning out clothes that their daughter had grown out of, and she gave me BAGS full of 18month-3T girl clothes, shoes, socks, coats, pajamas, you name it. And she would not let me pay. SO generous. Beatrice will be totally set for clothes. Here is the pile:


  1. Finally I can tell you we are thrilled for you. Don't let the work involved get you too overwhelmed.